The annual National Geographic Earth Day Run had its beginnings in 2007 in Taiwan and in 2010 in Philippines. Both runs have been growing in scale with Philippines hitting their record of 20,000 participants in 2015 and in Taiwan, participation rates increased by 2,000 for the runs in Kaohsiung and New Taipei in the same year.

Each year, the run supports a beneficiary that promotes environmental efforts and gives back to the environment through reforestation or funding sustainability tools. In 2016, the Nat Geo Earth Day Run included Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong – running for the earth, all on the same day.

This year’s Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2018 is launched the first time in Malaysia! And the Malaysian Nat Geo Earth Day Run serves to protect our planet through renewable energy consumption, reducing plastics, and continued education on how to lower our carbon footprint.