Year after year, Eco Warriors rise up to the challenge of preserving the planet through the collective running phenomenon that began in 2009, the Nat Geo Earth Day Run. Since its inception, National Geographic religiously mounts the run open for all individuals who wishes to make their contribution in saving the planet, making this one of the most awaited and well-attended running event every year. On its 9th year, we are once again providing a platform of awareness that advocates to the causes pertinent to the conservation of our natural resources. National Geographic Earth Day Run Year 9 presents the fun run category (3K), paving the way for more Eco Warriors to participate and champion the environmental causes they believe in. In addition to the fun run category, Nat Geo will host a series of running clinics for elite 21K runners four weeks prior to the main event to better condition the physiques of each marathoner participating in the run.  Join us, as we run towards the betterment of our planet on April 22, 2018 (Sunday) at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds.

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In 2009, Nat Geo Earth Day Run Philippines began its commitment to enriching the community through the collaborative efforts of the channel, our loyal sponsors and patron runners. Since then, National Geographic was able to support charitable institutions in our shared quest for the betterment of our home planet. Through this, we have established a relationship with our partner brands and eco-warriors looking to inspire change. 
With the help of our generous sponsors and eco-warriors, Nat Geo Earth Day Run Philippines was able to give life to 36,000 fruit-bearing trees in Sierra Madre allowing local farmers to generate a living through owning and harvesting their own crops. In the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda, together we were able to build fiberglass boats to the fishermen of Palawan. These boats are designed to withstand the onslaught of typhoons ensuring the continuity of their livelihood during disastrous events. 
We, and our partners, believe that there should never be a hindrance to living a full life. In our own little ways, we all strive to help on another through the gift of caring and giving. Just two years ago, National Geographic went off the grid to give light to the Tawbid Mangyan tribes folk of Mindoro by providing solar-powered lighting kits. Succeeding this effort, Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2017  dedicated its resources to a myriad of causes, namely; conservation of the Apo Reef, saving Irawaddy dolphins, reducing carbon footprint in the lands of Masbate and the reforestation efforts in Ipo Watershed to ensure the potability of Metro Manila’s water supply. 
This year, National Geographic Earth Day Run, in participation with World Wildlife Fund Philippines, pledges to take action towards a fast becoming global issue that is water shortage. Rural farming communities are already feeling the pinch as changes in weather patterns, brought on by climate change, make rain prediction near impossible. Farmers can no longer rely on rain to occur when crops need it most. What they need is the means to capture and store rainwater to ensure their crops don’t die, in relation to their livelihood. Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2018 vows to help out by sponsoring rain storage tanks to the in-need communities remotely situated in the province of Mindoro. Join us in our collective goal to sustain the livelihood of our fellowmen.